Nicole Kidman med sterk takketale under Emmy-utdelingen

Nicole Kidman under Emmy-utdelingen i Los Angeles natt til mandag. Foto: Getty Images
Nicole Kidman under Emmy-utdelingen i Los Angeles natt til mandag. Foto: Getty Images

Da Nicole Kidman tok i mot pris under Emmy-utdelingen i Los Angeles natt til mandag, benyttet hun sjansen til å si noen sterke ord om et viktig tema.

Publisert Sist oppdatert

Kidmans karakter i HBO-serien Little Big Lies, Celeste, blir utsatt for vold fra ektemannen, spilt av svenske Alexander Skarsgård (som også vant en Emmy-pris for rolletolkningen sin). I serien er Celeste en suksessfull og sterk kvinne, som tilsynelatende lever det perfekte forstadslivet sammen med mann og to barn. Men under overflaten truer vold og usikkerhet i hjemmet. Da Kidman holdt takketalen sin for prisen for beste kvinnelige hovedrolle i en miniserie, kalte hun vold i nære relasjoner for "en komplisert og snikende farlig sykdom".

Alexander Skarsgård og Nicole Kidman som ektepar med hemmeligheter i Big Little Lies. Foto: HBO Nordic.

"Noen ganger, når man spiller en rolle, får man sjansen til å sette viktige ting på dagsordenen", sa Kidman under talen sin. "Vi satte søkelyset på vold i hjemmet. Det er en komplisert og snikende farlig sykdom, og den eksisterer i flere tilfeller enn vi kan forestille oss. Det er en situasjon preget av skam og hemmelighold, og ved at dere beærer meg med denne prisen, setter vi søkelyset på dette problemet med enda større styrke."

Les hele talen til Kidman her:

"Wow, thank you, thank you so much. Reese, I share this with you, without you I would not be standing up here. So Bruno and – the greatest collaborators, you make this happen, thank you. Thank you to the television academy for recognizing our show, for recognizing this performance. Thank you to HBO for never wavering in your belief in us. Thank you to the extraordinary cast and crew that we had, to Laura, to Zoë, to Shay, to Alex and Robin who were my intimate acting partners. It all started with Liane Moriarty in Sydney, when she entrusted us with her book. Then David E. Kelley came along and shaped it with his brilliant storytelling. And Jean-Marc Vallee, this is yours, your vision. You imbued this series with your passion, with your artistry. Thank you. I have a huge artistic family who have supported me through all of my ups and downs. I can't name all of them but Kevin, Susan and Chris, Wendy, Miranda, Katie, Michelle, Leslie, Angie, Liz, all of you, you have been so loyal to me, through my whole life. Thank you for that. I also am a mother and a wife. I have two little girls, Sunny and Faith, and my darling Keith. Who I ask to help me pursue this artistic path and they have to sacrifice so much for it. So this is yours. I want my little girls to have this on their shelf and to look at it and go 'every time my momma didn't put me to bed it is because of this. I got something'. But also I want them to know that sometimes when you are acting you get a chance to bring a bigger message and this is their contribution and your contribution. We shone a light on domestic abuse. It is a complicated, insidious disease it exists far more than we allow ourselves to know. It is filled with shame and secrecy, and by you acknowledging me with this award, it shines a light on it even more. So thank you, thank you, thank you. I bow down to you."

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