Buy digital art: KOKETIT x ELLE Norway – Green Issue

What are NFTs, why you should know about it and how to get your hands on a piece of digital art.

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This month’s Green Issue Cover for ELLE Norway is illustrated by the talented artist Shira Barzilay A.K.A. KOKETIT. We wanted our cover to be a representation of the current state of our world and planet, but with a calm and hopeful vibe. Shira came up with this beautiful artwork, and we were immediately drawn to the calmness and positive energy.

An animated version of this beautiful artwork, with music from Grammy nominated artist J. Views, will now be up for auction as an NFT. All the proceedings will go to Choose Love. Choose Love is a UK-based charity organization which does whatever it takes to provide refugees and displaced communities with everything from lifesaving search and rescue boats to food, clothes, and legal advice.

Here is everything you need to know about digital art, how you bid on the picture and what you get when buying it.

What are NFTs and why is it so popular?

Perhaps you have heard of NFTs or digital art, or maybe this is the first time to ever come across it? Trust us – it won’t be your last. NFTs, or digital art, stands for non-fungible tokens, which basically means that it is something that cannot be replaced. The artist herself, Shira Barzilay, helps us understand:

– The classic currencies, for example, are fungible. A one-dollar bill represents the same thing as any other one-dollar bill, and you can pay with any of the one-dollar bills you have in your wallet. NFTs are here to change that and give a person the possibility to be the sole owner of a unique piece of art.

If you haven’t already, you should dive into this exciting world of online ownership. Either from an artist perspective or as a buyer and art lover.

– NFTs are revolutionized the world of art and content ownership, by giving us creators full control in renting, selling, or displaying our art, exactly how we wish. Also, it is a much more accessible way of producing art and reaping the rewards for our creations. NFTs also can come with royalties attached, meaning every time the artwork gets sold, the artist will receive a percentage. And last, but not least is the amazing opportunity for global reach. Our art doesn’t have to be limited to real-life events like exhibitions or markets anymore.

Digital art appears to be here to stay.

  • Their groundbreaking and innovative technology is amazing, with countless possibilities and opportunities for artists, businesses, and customers all together.

How to bid

On Sunday May 15th at 6PM GMT, the NFT will be up for action for one week, until Sunday May 22nd. The starting price will be at USD 1.000 $. The artwork and added assets will be awarded the highest bidder.

You can bid on the artwork here!

Payment instructions are explained on the website.

What you get

In addition to the KOKETIT x ELLE Norway – Green Issue Cover, the highest bidder will receive a number of added assets:

  • NFT: Another unique KOKETIT-artwork from Shira Barzilay’s NFT collection The Four Elements
  • A conversation with the artist herself
  • One week work experience at Storm Model Management
  • Two (2) tickets to ELLE Norway Summer Party in Oslo on June 15th
  • Advertising space in ELLE Norway

Why NTFs?

You might wonder why you should want to own an NFT. Besides the fact that you would own an original, unique piece of digital art, it comes with a few other benefits.

  • Owning a good NFT can be seen as a great form of investment, as the artwork will gain value over time, Shira explains.

NFTs can also have a few added assets attached – learn about the added assets to this NFT below.

Choose Love

All the proceedings will be given to the organization Choose Love. In five years, the global movement has raised tens of millions to support refugees at every stage along migration routes from Europe to the Middle East and along the US-Mexico border, and recently in the Ukraine.

«We are powered by you and by our vision - a world that chooses love and justice every day, for everyone.»

More about the artist

Shira Barzilay is an Israeli artist, based in Tel Aviv. Her Instagram-profile is filled with beautiful artwork and illustrations, with inspiration from, among other things, all the elements of our beautiful nature. She recently did a major design collaboration with high street retailer Zara, and she has several exciting projects in the loop. This is Shiras first ever cover, and probably not her last. She has been featured in Vogue Portugal, GQ Magazine, Harper’s Bazaar, Forbes, and now ELLE Norway.


The music incorporated to the NFT is by J.Views, a two-time Grammy-nominated, New York-based musician, producer, songwriter and art director. His work is multilayered and rich in detail, often with nostalgic elements.

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